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Food & Nutrition

At Bookie's Babes, we like to encourage a healthy, nutritious start in life. Mealtimes are a good time for the children to sit with the practitioners and their peers to try new tastes together.


Good nutrition is essential during childhood:

  • As it is a time of rapid growth, development and activity.

  • This is also a vital time for healthy tooth development and prevention of decay.

  • General eating habits and patterns are formed in the first few years of life.

Here at Bookie’s Babes, we understand that we have a key role to play in introducing children to a wide variety of foods and establishing a pattern of regular meals and healthy snacks.

  • We work in conjunction with a company called Georgia’s Deli. They supply fresh, hot lunches and dinners to our premises daily. We are a meat free setting due to the restrictions of the synagogue, so the meals are made fish or vegetarian and are completely allergen free.


  • Georgia doesn’t add any salt, sugar or preservatives to her meals and uses a minimum of 20% protein in fish dishes.


  • Bookie's Babes fees include breakfast and snacks.


  • Georgia’s services are £4.50 per meal (This includes a dessert too). You are able to see menus in advance.


 Should you not want to use this service then you can supply your own healthy, varied alternative (no meat) and for this there will be no charge. Meals will only be offered to children once they are fully settled into Bookie’s Babes and for over ones only
All food allergies and intolerances will of course, be accommodated for.
We stipulate that Bookie’s Babes has a nut, seed and grape free food policy.

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